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 Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V

  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V
  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V
  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V
  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V
  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V
  • Poze Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V

Tester circuit electric auto AUTOOL BT260 6-30V


Pret vechi: 399 RON Reducere 8%

Pret nou: 369 RON

Stoc limitat

In functie de valoarea comenzii dvs pretul poate include cheltuielile de livrare !

AUTO BT260 este unul din cele mai bune tester pentru circuite electrice oferind cel mai rapid timp de diagnosticare pentru toate intervalele intre 6 - 30 volți. Analizeaza rapid toate sistemele electrice pentru vehicule după o simplă conectare a aparatului la bateria autoturismului.


Multi-language support: English  German  French  Russian Spanish Italian  Portuguese

Integrate LED flashlight on the head, let us work in dark condition easily

All the clips and cable were made from copper, improve BT-260 stability during operation

Testing for continuity with its built-in auxiliary ground lead.

By depressing the power switch, conduct a positive or negative battery current to the probe  tip for testing the function of an electrical component without the use of jumper wires.

Testing for poor ground contacts instantly without performing voltage drop tests. The tool is  also short-circuit protected; its internal circuit breaker will trip if it becomes overloaded.

Following and locate short circuits without wasting fuses. The tool's long cable allows you to  test along the entire length of the vehicle without constantly searching for suitable vehicle grounds.

How to change language?

a: Press the function key(a yellow button on body of BT260) 3 times to visit loudspeaker icon

b: Then press and hold upward button,meanwhile press function key 5 times to visit "Language" menu

c:  Press funtion key to choose the language you'd like to,then press and hold the key last 3 seconds, the language setting is done

d:  Press the function key 1 time and go back to main menu


1)Display: TFT color display (160 x 128 dpi)
2)Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F)
3)Storage Temperature: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 185 F)
4)External  Power:  12.0  or  24.0  V  power  provided  via  vehicle battery
5)Dimensions: 126 mm (4.96”)x46.5 mm (1.83”)x35 mm (1.38”)    L*W*H
6)  NW: 0.105kg (0.23lb),   GW: 0.726 kg(1.6lb)

Package Included:

1x Unit
1x User’s Manual.
1x Cigarette lighter adapter.
1x Battery hookup clips
1x Probe tip

1x 20ft. extension cable. 


0760.846.754; 0723.448.645; 0763.920.531; 0765.390.429 - Comenzi telefonice
Program de lucru: Luni-Vineri 09:00-18:00, Sambata 10:00-12.00


Detalii produs

Categorie: Testere Circuite Electrice

Producator: EU Producer TST

Cod produs - SKU: AUTOOL BT260

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