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 Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE

  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE
  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE
  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE
  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE
  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE
  • Poze Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE

Diagnoza auto originala Autel Maxidas DS808 - Update ONLINE

SKU: Autel Maxidas Ds808

Pret vechi: 4.499 RON Reducere 9%

Pret nou: 4.099 RON

Stoc limitat

In functie de valoarea comenzii dvs pretul poate include cheltuielile de livrare !

Este un tester universal multimarca ultraperformant update la Autel DS708, produs original de diagnosticare autoturisme, este usor de utilizat, ofera rapid, stabil si precis informatii cuprinzatoare utilizand o platforma tehnica de mare performanta fara sa mai aveti nevoie de un laptop. Are 12 luni garantie internationala la fel cum este notificat pe site-ul producatorului iar in colet veti primi individual user-ul si parola de acces pentru inregistrare on-line.

Autel Maxidas DS808 Features:

Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle makes

Exceptional OE-Level system coverage for all electronic systems
Complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, etc.
Smart AutoVIN technology for identifying vehicles easily
Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via Wi-Fi
Instant remote control tech support anytime, anywhere
Cloud-based MaxiFix online community provides a vast database of diagnostic and repair tips and proven filed fixes
Interactive Data Logging sessions enable direct contact with Autel Technical Support for first-hand troubleshooting of diagnostic bugs and errors
One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to keep all data files, customer info, and vehicle records well organized
Convenient data management system for managing internal program applications and reviewing data



Autel Maxidas DS808 Diagnostic Function:

retrieve ECU information,
read & erase DTCs
view live data
perform active tests.

The Diagnostics application can access the electronic control unit (ECU) for various vehicle control systems, such as engine, transmission, antilock brake system (ABS), airbag system (SRS) and more.

Autel Maxidas DS808 Vehicle List:

1. European vehicle list:
for AUDI, for BENZ, for BMW, for DACIA, for EU FORD, for LANDROVER, for MINI, for OPEL, for PEUGEOT, for RENAULT, for SEAT, for SKODA, for VW, for VOLVO, for SMART, for JAGUAR, for BENZ SPRINTER, for SAAB, for FIAT, for ABARTH, for LACIA, for ALFA ROMEO, for VAUXHALL, for MAYBACH, for BENTLEY, for BUGATTI, for PORSCHE.

2. USA vehicle vist:
for GM, for CHRYSLER, for FORD

3. Asia vehicle list:
for SUZUKI, for KIA, for DAWEOO, for ISUZU, for TOYOTA, for 

Autel Maxidas DS808 Usermanual:

This manual contains device usage instructions, pls contact with us freely.


Autel Maxidas DS808 Update:

1.  Make sure the Display Tablet is connected to a power source with stable access to the internet.
2.  Tap the Update application button from the MaxiDAS Job Menu; or tap the update notification message when received one; or tap the
Update icon on Vehicle Menu in Diagnostics application. The Update application screen displays.
3.  Check all available updates: If you decide to update all the items, tap the Update All button.If you only want to update one or some of the item(s), tap the
Update button on the right column of the specific item(s).
4.  Tap the Pause button to suspend the updating process. When you tap Continue to renew the update, the updating process will resume from the break point.
5.  When the updating process is completed, the firmware will be installed automatically. The previous version will be replaced.


Autel DS808 Package List:

USB External Power Adapter
USB External Power Adapter
User Manual
Quick reference guide
Main cable
USB Cable

Pentru mai multe detalii va rugam utilizati formularul de contact.

0760.846.754; 0723.448.645; 0765.390.429; 0763.920.531 - Comenzi telefonice
Program de lucru: Luni-Vineri 09:00-18:00, Sambata 10:00-12.00


Detalii produs

Categorie: Autel Tester Profesional

Producator: Autel.euFactory

Cod produs (SKU): Autel Maxidas Ds808

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