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 Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9

  • Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9
  • Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9
  • Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9
  • Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9
  • Poze PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9

PROMO! STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect Pro + Laptop Mercedes versiune noua 2017.9

Cod: MB STAR C4L Dell Promo

Pret vechi: 4.799 RON Reducere 24%

Pret nou: 3.649 RON

Stoc limitat

In functie de valoarea comenzii dvs pretul poate include cheltuielile de livrare !

Se livreaza in pachet complet format din tester profesional STAR COMPACT C4 SD Connect update 2017 .09 cu placa de baza marca D-link (Producator Taiwan),  releele de pe placa de baza NEC, pachet cabluri adaptoare turisme si camioane si laptop X200 dedicat Mercedes full activat Das/Xentry.

Modelul prezenta versiune superioara de soft existenta in limba Romana si noul tester profesional excelenta calitate pentru Mercedes Benz utilizat in prezent pe piata auto de profil. Aparatul vine insotit si este inclus in pret laptop-ul dedicat Mercedes.  


Detalii produs:
1. Functioneaza pe masini produse din 89 pana in prezent, masini mici, autobuze, camioane, autoutilitare.
2. Face diagnoza la toate sistemele componente ale masinii .
3. Citeste si sterge codurile de eroare, citeste in timp real informatii oferite de senzori si actuatori, testeaza componentele masinii, codeaza si programeaza.

1. Realizeaza toate functiile aparatului de diagnoza Benz Compact 3.
2. Multiplexorul C4 se poate conecta la calculatorul de fabrica si la laptopul dedicat Mercedes. Functioneaza cu sistemul de operare XP
3. Ofera informatii complete despre mentenanta. Poate sa ofere modelul de dezasamblare si asamblare al circuitului de fire, principii de functionare si locul elementelor oricand ai nevoie. Este cel mai bun asistent pentru mentenanta.


Pachetul contine:
1. Multiplexor Star C4 + Laptop Refurbished Dell dedicat Mercedes
2. Cablu cu 16 pini OBD2.
3. Cablu cu 38 pini ( pentru modelele vechi )
4. Cablu cu 14 pini ( pentru Sprinter, autobuze )
5. Cablu cu 4 pni  ( pentru modele vechi )
6. Cablu cu 16 pini ( pentru comunicarea cu calculatorul)


English Description:

The new generation for Benz diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. 


Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Turkishand Japanese. 


New MB Compact 4 Features:
1. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose;
2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it;
3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect
4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24 hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;
1. 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;
2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
3. Reading trouble code
4. Erasing trouble code
5. Live-data
6. Adaptation
7. Component testing
8. Maintenance
9. Information consultation
10. Component location diagram
11. Wiring diagram
Testable system:
Package includes:
1. D-A-S / Xentry 09.2014: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
2. W-I-S net 09.2014: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.
3. EPC.net 04.2014: Electronic Parts Catalog
4. ST Finder 2009:Part location finder
5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL68
Passenger Car Support List: 
A(176),  A(169),  A(168),  B(246),  B(245),  CLC(117),  C(204)  C(203),  C(202),  190(201),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),  S(220),  S(140),  S(126),  
E(207),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  CL(215),  CL(140)  SLK(172),  SLK(171),  SLK(170),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),  SLS(197),  
M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(463),  G(461),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),S(220),  S(140),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  
CL(215),  CL(140),  SLK(172),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),SLS(197),  M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(460),  GL(164),  GLK(204),  R(251)
Van Support List:
MB 100(631),  T1,  SprinterIII,  SprinterII,  SprinterI,  Sprinter900,  Citan, Vito(639), Vito(638), V(638),   Viano(639),  T2,  Vario,  Vaneo(414)
Truck Support List:
Actros963/4,  Actros2,3,  AtegoIII,  AtegoII,  AxorII,  Eonic,  Zetros,  Actros, Atego Light,  Atego Heavey,  HPN M96,  Atron,  HPN M2000,  SKL,  FSK,  Further model series
Unimog Support List:
U20,  UGN,  UHN
Bus Support List:
TRAVEGO,  INTOURO,  INTEGRO,  CITARO,  CAPACITY,  CITO,  TOURISMO, O350/O403, CONECTO,  O404,  O405-O408, Minibus,  OC500,  TOURO, TOURINO,  MBC,  MULITEGO,  O500,  O500/OH,  OH,  OH368,  OF,  OF384, LO,  O400,  
Super Sports Car Support List:



You can use it with any laptop with SATA hard disk. But if Dell D630, you can use SD4 directly. If for other laptops, please reinstall the DRIVER.


Features up-date news:

1. The new generation for Benz diagnostic equipment for all current and new coming Benz vehicles

2. You can use any laptops with SATA hard disk instead of that heavy Touch-Screen computer.

3. It work with XP system.

4. It is including diagnosing, programming, simulation studying, repair information, automotive maintenance, technical service bulletin and so on.

5. The new Xentry is better than C3 DAS and it can connect for Mercedes-Benz Internet to update and to programe and to set codes.

6. The SD-Connect is better and faster than Star.

7. It is including system recoverying functions.


MB SD C4 Package List:
1pc x Multiplexer + Mercedes Professional Laptop X200 (X200T is an option)
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 8PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable


0760.846.754; 0723.448.645; 0765.390.429; 0763.920.531 - Comenzi telefonice
Program de lucru: Luni-Vineri 09:00-18:00, Sambata 10:00-12.00


Detalii produs



Cod produs (SKU): MB STAR C4L Dell Promo

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